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Trip to Toronto

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Tour Itinerary

Tour Highlights

  • Hanoi Sightseeing Trip
  • Bicycle Tour of Tam Coc
  • Phong Nha Dark Cave
  • Capital Tour of Hue
  • Visit Ancient Artisan's Village
  • Saigon Walking Tour
  • Cooking Lesson - Halong
  • 1 Hour Massage
  • Lunch & Learn At Nunnery
  • Primate Rescue Centre
  • Hang Mua View Point
  • Drive The Hai Van Pass
  • Hoi An Walking Tour
  • Rice Paper Making Class
  • Island Hopping
  • Alpine Coaster In Dalat
  • All Accommodation
  • Beach Days
  • Snorkel In Nha Trang
  • White and Red Sand Dunes
  • No Hidden Charges

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1 Group 5 adult 5 10%
2 Group 10 adult 10 20%
Bulk discount children
# Discount group From adult To adult Value
1 Group 5 child 5 10%
2 Group 10 child 10 20%

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What is the local currency in [city/country]? Where can I exchange money?
What is the official language in [city/country]? Will I be able to communicate in English?
How can I find accommodation in [city/country]? Are there any recommended neighborhoods or areas to stay in?
What are the must-see attractions and landmarks in [city/country]?
Are there any cultural norms or etiquette I should be aware of in [city/country]?
What are the local transportation options in [city/country]? Are there reliable public transportation systems?
How can I stay connected to the internet while traveling in [city/country]? Are there Wi-Fi hotspots or should I get a local SIM card?
Are there any specific entry requirements or restrictions due to COVID-19?
What are the local customs and traditions in [city/country]? Are there any specific dress codes I should follow?
Are there any local festivals or events happening during my visit to [city/country]?
How can I stay safe from common tourist scams or pickpocketing in [city/country]?
What are the popular local dishes or cuisines in [city/country]? Any recommendations for restaurants or street food?
Are there any health concerns or vaccinations I should be aware of before traveling to [city/country]?
What are the available options for public transportation from the airport to the city center?
Are there any recommended day trips or nearby destinations worth visiting from [city/country]?
How can I find and book local tours or activities in [city/country]?

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