$ 2000


$ 2000

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Day 1

Land in Cairo, Egypt(1 Egyptian Pound (LE) 0.084CAD)

12:00pm :-Sultan Hassan Mosque/Al Azhar Mosque
- 80LE for Hassan Mosque
- Al azhar Mosque(Free)

3:00pm :-Old Cairo – Al Moez Street
Khan El Khalili Market(Must visit tourist spot)

6-7:00pm :-Felucca Ride (Yacht Ride on the Nile)

Day 2
Day 2

6:00am:-Sunrise at the Pyramids(160LE (open 7am-7pm))
Sphinx of Giza
Explore the desert

7:00pm:-Dinner(Come back to Nile River area)

Day 3
Day 3

10:00am:-Salahdin Citadel– Mosque of Muhammad Ali(100LE (8am – 5pm))

12:00pm:-Egyptian Museum(160LE + 50LE for photo pass)
Sights around pyramids – Saqarra(120LE)
- Imhotep Museum(Included in above ticket package)
Depart to Amman, Jordan
(Flight – 1.5 hour long
- Roughly 450CAD)

Day 4
Day 4

9:00am:-Amman Citadel(1 Jordanian Dinar = 1.91CAD)

11:00am:-King Abdullah Mosque/Abu Darwish/Roman Theatre(Open 8am-10pm)

1:00pm:-BukhariYeh Market(Grab lunch)
Explore The Boulevard (Downtown Amman

6-7:00pm:-Sunset – Temple of Hercules


Day 5
Day 5

7:00am:-Depart for City of Jerash(45 min drive from Amman)
Temple of Artemis
South Theatre
Hadrian’s Arch
Roman Ruin’s
Cardo Maximus
Upper Temple of Zeus

Day 6
Day 6

5:00am:-Depart for Wadi Rum, Desert(5JOD fee)
Rent a 4x4 at local spot(Rent from licensed official business)
Significant Places in Wadi Rum
- Cow Stone/Mushroom Rock
- Burdah Rock Bridge
- Jabal Umm Ad Dami
- Um Frouth Rock Bridge

6-7:00pm:-Sunset at Um Subatah
Book in advance accommodation in desert

- Abu khashaba Canyon

Day 7
Day 7

6:00am:-Sunrise – Wadi Rum
Camel Ride at Sunrise
Explore Wadi Rum

12:00pm:-Leave and drive to Aqaba(Roughly 1 hour drive)
- Coral Reefs/Beaches/Red Sea
- Snorkeling/Diving available
- Explore Aqaba and local areas

Day 8
Day 8

8:00am Leave Aqaba and head to Petra,(Jordan 2 hour drive)

10:00am Enter Petra from front or back door
Monestary (closer to backdoor)
Qasar Al Bint
Great Temple
Royal Tombs

3-4:00pm Views from the top of Petra
- Either hike down or exit from back

7-8:00pm Sunset and Dinner in Petra

Day 9
Day 9

6:00am Enter Petra from the front

Walk through Siq

Sunrise at Petra(
Explore the Treasury/Petra(

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Hike up to Royal Tomb(Beautiful aerial view of Petra)

5:00pm Depart Petra and go to Wadi Mujib(Roughly 3.5 hours away)

Day 10
Day 10

Wadi Mujib + Dead Sea

7:00am Wadi Mujib Hike – Siq Trail(Done by around 2pm)

3:00pm Check in to hotel and relax for a bit

7:30pm Sunset : Ask concierge for best spot in Dead Sea to experience suns

Day 11
Day 11

Sunrise – Dead Sea

ALL day Hammamat Ma’in – Natural Hot Springs
- Wadi Bin Hamid Hike (very easy and beautiful bike path)
- Check out local market

FLIGHT Head back to Amman for departure flight(- 3 hours in advance)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions for this tour?
Can I wash my clothes during the tour?
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Are there any age restrictions for this tour?
Can I wash my clothes during the tour?
Will I have access to the internet?
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